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Document Authentication and Legalization

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When you need a document to be recognized in another country, it has to go through a process called “authentication” and “legalization”. The entire process centers on certifying that the official signature(s) on the document are legitimate. The term legalization refers to a document being issued with the correct stamps or certificates in order to be recognized in another country.

How Can Naba get your services from Abroad?

If you live abroad, you can contact and send your documents to Naba's office for an authentications and legalizations services, so that he can accomplish out your work and help you to get it done on time. Additionally, he will act expedite in order to meet your need, however it can not be guaranteed on about the government  working schedule.


For details, please contact via email, or phone or by sending text message at 416-624-7011. Naba will return your query as soon as possible. Authentication is also interchangeably used as legalization or apostille. In Canada the word legalization is used instead of apostille.

How To Get Your Document Translated

Is all or part of your document written in a language other than English or French? If so, you must send a certified, notarized translation with it. Some countries may require a translator’s affidavit. An affidavit must be signed and sealed by a Canadian notary.


Exception: Naba does not need translations for Canadian university, diplomas issued in Greek or Latin

For a complete document authentication and legalization, it requires three stages of  documentation processes.




Notarize Document




  • Informative & helpful advice

  • Many years of Authentication & legalization experiences

  • Notary certification included

  • All genuine Canada  documents processed

  • Guaranteed Service - no work = no charge

  • Quick service

  • Free advice - Call or email Naba now

  • Updates on your order by phone or email on request

  • International delivery of documents

  • All payment cards accepted

  • Discounts for large orders and regular customers

  • Fast Service

        - 1-2 day service for most documents

  • Great Prices

        - Low cost apostille service

  • Notary Certification

        - Certifying documents with a Canadian Notary Public

  • Embassy/Consulate Attestation

        - Legalizing documents with Embassies/Consulates

  • Secure Delivery

        - Canada and International courier options


The first thing he does is check that your document is suitable for Legalizations and Authentications. Not all documents are presented in the same way. Your document may need to be certified by a Notary Public or an official certified copy may need to be created. Other documents must be original versions and copies are not acceptable. He will provide you with clear advice for your circumstances and assist you in obtaining correct documentation where necessary. He can also arrange for Notary Public to certify your documents to save you both time and money. Having checked your documents and certified them as required he will personally attend the Global Affairs Canada office to arrange for Authentications. Whilst your documents are in our possession he will ensure that they are handled with the care and attention they deserve. He is a dedicated Notary Public and Legal services provider simplifying the Authentication & Legalization of Canada documents for international use. Using our services can save your time and money in authenticating & legalizing documents. Providing Authentications and Legalizations, professional embassy/Consulate attestation services, he supports many customers every year with their documents. The Authentications and Legalizations service is supported by our money back guarantee if he cannot issue the Authenticated and legalized documents. He has been providing Authentications and Legalizations services for over 10 years. He appreciates that trust is important, so do not hesitate to contact him with your questions.

Documents list for Legalizations & Authentication Services

  • Elementary or high school diplomas

  • Elementary or high school report card or transcript

  • Fingerprint forms

  • Adoption papers

  • Apprenticeship and trade certificates

  • Bank documents

  • Birth certificate

  • Burial or cremation documents

  • Business or corporate records

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency certificate

  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office certificates

  • Trademark registration certificates

  • Industrial design registration certificates

  • Copyright registration certificates

  • Certificate of free sale

  • Certificate of origin

  • Citizenship certificate

  • College or university diplomas

  • College or university transcript

  • Corporations Canada documents

  • Health Canada licenses and many more

  • Private Documents: 


         powers of attorney

         oaths and affirmations

         affidavits (for example, single status affidavits)

  •  Statutory declarations

  • Court documents

  • Criminal record check

  • Death certificate (Requires original )

  • Delivery verification certificate(requires original)

  • Divorce certificate (Requires original)

  • Domestic partnership certificate (Requires original)

  • Name change certificate

  • Other government documents

  • Record of employment

  • Request for international judicial assistance

  • Vaccination attestations

  • Coroner’s certificate

  • Course certificate

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