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Certified True Copy


Certified True Copies

A certified true copy of a document is a copy of the original document that has been verified as being an accurate and true representation of the original by a person authorized to do so, such as a notary public or a government official. This person will typically stamp or sign the copy to indicate that it is a certified true copy. The process of certification is used to establish the authenticity of the copy and to prevent fraud or deception.

Who needs certified copies of documents?

Certified true copies of documents are often required by government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations to prove the authenticity of certain documents. Some examples of situations where a certified true copy may be required include:

  • Applying for a passport or visa

  • Enrolling in a school or university

  • Applying for a job, particularly one that requires a security clearance

  • Registering a business or opening a bank account

  • Obtaining a driver's license or other government-issued ID

  • Applying for a loan or mortgage

  • Applying for government benefits or services

  • In legal proceedings, it may be required as an evidence in court.

It is important to note that specific requirements for certified true copies can vary depending on the organization or government agency requesting them, and it is best to check with the specific organization for their specific requirements.

Services Offered:

Citizenship Card/Passport

Work Permit

Visitor Visa

Permit Foreign Work Visas

Student Study Permit

 Marriage/Birth/Death Certificate

Criminal Background Clearance Certificate/Letters

Photo ID/ Permanent Resident Card

Membership Cards/Utility bills

Will and Las testament


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