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In Person Notarization

First Notarization: $45.00 Subsequent Notarizations: $25.00 

Please be informed that our fees are not based on the number of pages within a document. Instead, we determine charges by the number of documents we notarize and the number of signatories we witness and authenticate with our seal. The frequency with which we apply our signature and seal is guided by your needs and those of the document's recipient, not by our own discretion.


Online Notary

Initial Notarization: $55.00 Subsequent: $30.00

Payment is due after we confirm our ability to assist you. Please be aware that there are restrictions regarding online notarization, as only certain documents can be notarized digitally.



Document Drafting: $65 - $350

We provide drafting services tailored to specific documents, including Letters of Invitation, Consent to Travel letters, affidavits, Statutory Declarations regarding name, marital status, and Common-Law Declarations for OSAP, among others. For an exhaustive list of documents we cater to, please visit our office  or reach out to us directly.


Mobile Notary

1st Notarization: $45.00

Subsequent Notarizations: $25.00

Travel Fee: $140-$599

If you can't make it to our location, don't worry, we can come to you. Whether you're at home, work, hospital, school, or elsewhere, we're here to provide the notary services you need.

We only Accept 
Cash/ E-transfer
Kindly bring exact change with you, as we may not have the precise change available. Thank you for understanding.
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