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When you are represented by ND Paralegal Services, Naba will work with you directly to ensure that he understands the specifics of your situation and the outcome you wish to achieve. He can provide a precise analysis of your legal options and help you make informed decisions. A precise address of any case is vital, as strict guidelines must be followed in order to protect your rights. His firm is committed to providing this level of care, whether in Landlord - Tenant  or related actions.


ND Paralegal Services has the experiences and expertise to handle Landlord and Tenant disputes. Many complex Landlord and Tenants disputes have been resolved by the ND Paralegal Services for over eight years. You will receive the competent professional advice and services at the firm.

What can I do if my landlord gives me a Notice of Termination?
Read the notice to see why and when the landlord is asking you to leave. You may want to:
Talk to the landlord about the notice and correct any problems, if possible.
  • Leave the unit.
  • Stay in the unit and see if the landlord files an application with the LTB. You will have a chance to explain the situation at a hearing.

You have the right to stay in your unit until the LTB issues an eviction order.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

​If have you suffered from the non payment of rent, damage the property by the tenant, or are you experiencing the illegal rent increase, from the pests or the landlord entered into your unit illegally? ND Paralegal Services is here to weed out the persisting problems of landlord and tenant disputes. ND Paralegal has extensive experiences in landlord and tenant board representation for both Landlord and Tenant.


With over 8 years of combined experience, Naba Dhungana, licensed paralegal, has a unique understanding of this area of law and its practical application. Naba has helped many clients to resolve their legal difficulties either through representing them to the Board or simply by preparing required legal documents for its clients. As being a licensed paralegal, he can advise and represent you in your landlord/tenant issues to the Landlord and Tenant Board.


If it is the non payment of rent issue, it is pretty straightforward matter to resolve simply by paying the rent to the landlord or to the Board before the hearing is scheduled. Rest other issues require substantive legal understanding to handle properly.

Most frequent Issues Between Landlords & Tenants...

 - Nonpayment of rent

 - Maintenance of rental property

 - Property Damage

 - Eviction

 - Illegal rent increase

 - Rent Deposits and Other Charges Collection of damage deposit

 - Pest issues

 - Entering a Tenant's Unit illegally

 - Persistent Late Rent Payment

 - Causing Serious Problems

 - Interfering with Others, Damage or Overcrowding

This is not the exclusive list of issues between the landlord and tenants, however such issues are more frequently challenged in the landlord and tenant board. ND Paralegal has experienced and helped to resolve the disputes successfully at the Landlord and Tenant Board. If you need the competent and experienced legal representation, please contact ND Paralegal Services with confident to discuss about your landlord-tenant matter.

For The Landlords

Small landlords who act on their own behalf are often unaware of a mistake on the notice until well into the termination process and only realize the notice is defective after filing with the Landlord and Tenant Board and paying the filing fee. It is imperative that the notice be filled out correctly because it is the foundation of the application. The application will be dismissed due to the defect, meaning the loss of significant time.An incorrect notice of termination typically means the landlord must start the process again by re-issuing the notice. 

Why Should I Hire ND Paralegal Services For Landlord - Tenant Disputes? ​

The Paralegal firm of Naba Raj Dhungana has extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in the pursuit of justice. This allows him to serve any type of client with the benefit of comprehensive understanding of the law. He can often predict his opponents' actions and so prepare accordingly and he is skilled in executing strategic responses to defences or claims raised by the other side. ​

Heat Issue In Pandemic Era...

Many parts of Ontario can now be brutally cold in the winter and oppressively hot during the summer. Weather condition and utility costs are significantly impacting housing issues in many ways. Freezing temperatures are life-threatening for homeless people. For many who are housed, broken furnaces, inadequate insulation and aging windows can also leave them vulnerable to the dangers of freezing temperatures in the winter. ​


Several of these issues may require a tenant having to file an application at the Landlord and Tenant Board. Before the pandemic era, the Landlord and Tenant Board was severely backlogged. Because of the pandemic, these delays have become even greater. Also, the Landlord and Tenant Board is no longer conducting in-person hearings and many tenants without proper technology are facing difficulties in meaningfully engaging in their remote hearings.


Heating problems can be urgent in nature. Filing an application at the Landlord and Tenant Board may not be a suitable way to address a pressing problem with the heat. You should obtain legal advice before terminating your tenancy or pursuing a self-help remedy if your landlord does not address the heating problem with the urgency that it requires.

How ND Paralegal Services can Help?

If you want to represent yourself at the Landlord and Tenant Board to settle the ongoing problem with the tenant/s, and you are not certain about how to prepare legal application forms to file to the Board, Naba Dhungana can help you to draft the legal documents for you. You can pay the fees only for the documents prepared. You will be thoroughly advised about the process of filling the documents to the Landlord and Tenant Board.


ND Paralegal Services is an affordable legal services firm, which has been helping numerous landlords and tenants for over 8 years in the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact for consultation.