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Certified True Copies

If you need a certified copy of either document type, you must bring the original document and the copy to the notary public. The notary will closely compare the original and copy. Once satisfied that the copy is a true copy, Naba will verify and certify by dating, stamping and signing the document as a true copy. He will certify the following documents, however it is not only the list of documents that he will certify. For more details, please contact Naba.

- Citizenship Card/Passport

- Work Permit

- Visitor Visa

- Permit Foreign Work Visas

- Student Study Permit

- Marriage/Birth/Death Certificate

- Criminal Background Clearance Certificate/Letters

- Photo ID/ Permanent Resident Card

- Membership Cards/Utility bills

- Will and Las testament


Commissioners For Taking Affidavits

- Common Law Union Statutory Declaration

- Common-law union declaration form

- Consent letters to travel

- Custodianship Declarations

- Certified Copies

- SAP Affidavit

- Family Law

- Affidavits

- Invitation Letters

- Indian Consulate Documents

- Landlord Tenant Board Affidavits

Statutory Declarations

A statutory declaration is a sworn or affirmed statement and is usually used where there are no court proceedings but some fact needs to be proved. Statutory declarations may be required to apply for government benefits or make insurance claims, in many other matters. For example, extended family members living abroad or in the U.S. can currently apply to re-enter Canada by signing a statutory declaration. Naba can show you how to apply for permission to reunite with your family if they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If you are sponsoring your family or you require witnesses statement as an evidence for your refugee claim hearing, statutory declaration can be helpful. We can notarize/commission various types of statutory declarations. Here is the list of statutory declarations that we commission. If you are not sure about what to do, please contact Naba.

- Lost, Stolen, Damaged Passport

- Proof of Loss Motor Vehicle Insurance

- Medical Insurance Reimbursement Documents for loans, debts and finances

- Statutory Declaration for Proof of Identity and Verification

- Replacement of University Degrees / Diplomas Request – Lost & Destroyed Form

- Replacement of Birth Certificate Request for out-of-province

- Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union for work and immigration purposes

- Domestic Partnership Declaration

Witnessing Signatures, Identity Verification & Confirmation

  • Witnessing Board of Trade Waivers and Releases for International Tendering

  • Toronto Board of Education Immunization and Vaccination Exemption Form

  • Confirming Certificate of Life - For Old Age Foreign Pensions

  • Certified Identity Confirmation for Candidate to the Medical Council of Canada

  • Certification of Identification Form 

  • Certificate Confirming Residential Address for School Application

  • Security Clearance Identity Verification/Confirmation

  • Private and Corporate Transactions

  • Job Applications and Opinion Letters

  • Employment Letter of Offer and Acceptance Confirmation

  • Children Consent Letter to Travel and Vacationing Abroad Notarization

Documents Preparation & Review

  • Drafting many types of affidavits 

  • Preparation of Travel Consent letter for children

  • Child visitation letter

  • Drafting Immigration Invitation Letters

  • Preparation of Power of Attorney

  • Drafting Contracts and Employment Agreements

  • Loan Document Preparation

  • Declarations and Statements

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Affidavit of Execution

  • Confidentiality agreement

  • Promissory Note

  • Release/Waiver agreement

  • Roommate Agreement

  • Resignation Letter