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ND Paralegal Services has experienced at defending all driving offences under the Highway Traffic Act, Ontario. Naba Dhungana, a licensed paralegal has successfully defended numerous types of driving offences in Ontario.

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Why Should You Dispute Traffic Tickets?

The long-term impact of not disputing alleged traffic violations is an inevitable suspension of your licence. Take the time to consult with ND Paralegal Services immediately after receiving a ticket. The paralegal of ND Paralegal Services can help. There are many defences to alleged infractions of the Highway Traffic Act. Naba applies his experience and expertise from defending traffic offences to your traffic ticket.


Defences to traffic tickets often arise from the elements of the motor vehicle offences. In addition, many of the typical defenses used in criminal cases apply. Traffic tickets can be disputed on fairly narrow technical grounds because of the process by which the infractions are prosecuted.


ND Paralegal Services find the Defence that will work for you.

You only have 15 days to file your traffic violation tickets in order to dispute it or you will be deemed to have plead guilty. If you have missed the 15 days limit to file your violation ticket, you deemed to be guilty.

What Options Are Available To You After You Receive Ticket?

Some of the following options may be available to you after you received traffic ticket:

  1. You could do nothing, which is not recommended because once you are convicted, even in your absence, and fail to pay a fine within the set time, you will be subject to further consequences affecting your credit, the renewal of your vehicle permit, and if your ticket was for a moving violation, also your driver’s licence.

  2. You can pay the set fine without going to court, which would mean that you admit that you are guilty of the offence.

  3. You can go to court, enter a guilty plea with submissions to request a reduced penalty.

  4. You can go to court and negotiate with the prosecutor for a guilty plea to a lesser offence or, if that doesn’t work, you fight the charge in a full trial

Think About The Consequences

If you decide to pay the set fine or plea guilty to the court without contesting the traffic charges, you should always think about the consequences of after paying the fine or plead guilty. You should always consider the:

  1. Demerit points

  2. Possible increases in insurance premiums

  3. Licence suspension

  4. Vehicle impoundment

  5. Fines

  6. Imprisonment

  7. Civil liability

​It is always prudent to fight the charge because the conviction will remain on your driving record forever and you will not be erased for those convictions. ND Paralegal services can represent and advocate on your behalf, and you will improve your chances of: avoiding or reducing demerit points; avoiding increased insurance premiums or avoid driver's licence suspension, vehicle impoundment, and even avoid the jail time.

What Happens After Being Convicted?

When you are convicted of the traffic violations, the ticket immediately goes on the driving record. Any demerit points are applied and the conviction is available to your insurance company. Any conviction on your driving record will affect insurance for three (3) years. Where you are a novice driver, the demerit points may suspend the licence.

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